Auto Reply For Whats- Best Android App to Send Automated Replies to Whatsapp

Auto-Reply for Whats is listed under ‘Tools’ category on Google Play Store and can be downloaded at free of cost. The app is rated for 3+ by IARC i.e. suitable for all age groups. Though the app contains ads placed by developers, it offers in-app purchases. A device must have Android OS 5.0 or above for this application to function on it. The latest version of the app is 3.8 and was last updated on 25th August 2018. Over 100,000 Android Users have downloaded the app and have rated it 3.5/5 stars.

Auto Reply for Whats is a simple app that helps you send automated replies to whats app contacts and groups. You can type the message you wish to convey in the text field, and choose if you wish the same to go in the WhatsApp groups that you are added in. You can also add time delays before the automated message is pushed.

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Pros of the application

  1. Auto answer for Whats will empower you to set a custom message to reply your Whats messages.
  2. Answer naturally to exclusively got Whats messages with the assistance of this application.

Cons of the application

Application do not work without Read Notification permission

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  1. Best app to maintain relationships smoothly
  2. Auto-Reply for Whats empower you to answer Whats messages automatically
  3. It will consequently react to predefined messages, which contain a few words or equivalent a message.
  4. Can automate your Whats and give programmed answers
  5. Enables you to set a custom content to answer to Whats messages.
  6. Possible to answer every got message (from all/from single contacts)
  7. Possibility to set contacts who will get reactions for each message

Overall, Auto-Reply for Whats is best suited for those who do not have enough time to spare with their whatsapp account. Auto Reply For Whats is the Best Android App in Kerala to Send Automated Replies to Whatsapp