Instagram-Best Android App for Social Networking

Instagram is an app categorized under “Social” in Google play store. This app developed by Instagram and has content applicable for individuals aged 12+ with parental guidance recommended. The compatibility of the app varies according to the device at use and was last updated on 22nd October 2018. The size and latest build of the app varies with different devices. The app is completely free to use and is available in Google Play store.  This app has more than 1,000,000,000 installs and has been reviewed by more than 70,000,000 users giving it a 4.5 rating in the Google play store.

Best Social Networking App

Social media presence is something that is essential for a modern day man/woman. With the penetration of internet into our lives social media essentially displays our brand online. Nowadays companies are also tapping this market to get more followers and attract more people towards their products and services. Everything about a person or a company can be understood by the entity’s social media presence. Nowadays people follow their favorite company not by checking their stocks in the stock market but by seeing what they are doing in social media platforms.

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Instagram is an app that heavily capitalized on this shift. Instagram is a free to use app that lets users post and share pictures and videos with a large audience. Instagram lets its users follow and communicate with other users in an online platform. Users of this website can create pages and amass a huge following which can be used for monetary gains. It app itself is visually very beautiful and elegant and the interface is easy to use. Instagram’s main focus is on photos. Instagram allows users edit their pictures through the use of filters that can create stunning images that they can post on their accounts.Instagram is the Best Android Social Networking App in Kerala.


  • Post photos and videos- this is the hallmark feature of instagram, with the inbuilt editing tools users can create beautiful images and post it on their personal walls for others to see and appreciate. Users can also post multiple images and videos simultaneously with ease.
  • Follow- The follow feature allows users to follow their favorite celebrities and friends. Users can like and share their opinions about posts and interact with who they follow. The follow feature also allows users to make their profile private and allow only friends and family to view their posts.
  • Go live- Instagram allows its users to go live, this means the user can live stream themselves at any given point of time. This live stream can be viewed by their followers.
  • Stories- Instagram users can further enhance their social media presence by the use of a feature called story. This feature allows users to post temporary pictures that can be arranged in the form of a story as the name suggests. This is an efficient way to share the happenings of a particular day or event.

Instagram is a visually stunning app that has amassed a huge following due to its constant innovations that cater the needs of today’s generation. This app is a must have to enhance your social media presence and to enjoy beautiful pictures