Wattpad –Best App for Story Telling Platform

Wattpad app is the world’s most loved story telling platform. It connects a global community of 80 million readers and writers through the power of story. Users can read or write original stories with the help of this app.

Wattpad app comes under the category of Book & Reference in the Google play store. The app requires an android device. The app is developed by Wattpad.com. It is last updated on 29th November 2019. The current version of the app varies with the device and it has got 100,000,000+ installs in the play store. The size of the app also varies with the device. The app can be used by individuals aged 12 and above. The developers of the app recommend parental guidance when used by minors. The app has been reviewed by 3,447,485 users and it has got 4.3 rating in Google play store.
The app has got interactive elements and in-app purchase is enabled. The in-app products can be purchased at a price ranging from 29 rupees to 4,150 rupees per item.

The app helps individuals who have got their own stories to tell to discover it through the power of community and technology on Wattpad app. Users can share their original story with the community who will encourage them by cheering them up throughout the writing journey. Wattpad studio discovers untapped and unsigned talented writers on Wattpad and connects them to global multimedia entertainment companies.

Read original stories – Users are able to discover stories in over 50 languages from writers around the world. It has got a wide choice of topics of interest such as romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action adventure, fantasy, young adult fiction or fan fiction. It’s all available in Wattpad.

Connect with a community of story lovers – Those who join the app automatically become member of an international community of story lovers. They are able to connect with other passionate readers and writers, comment directly on stories as they read, and support writers when they create and share their original stories. Users are enabled to read together, share library or create reading list so that the friends can always know what each other are doing.

Start a free library – The app helps to save the favourite stories and keep them with the users wherever they go. Users simply have to sync their account to easily pick up where they left. The app can be open in a laptop, tablet, Kindle or iPhone.

Read the stories that inspired blockbusters – Many of the best seller stories were first discovered on Wattpad app. Users are able to read tomorrow’s box-office sensation today itself by using this app.

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Key features of the app

Get the stories of the users discovered through this platform

Users can read original stories.

Users are able to connect with a community of story lovers.

Users can start their own free library

Users are able to read the stories that inspired blockbusters.

Wattpad is an internet community for readers and writers to publish new user generated stories in different genres, including classics, general fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fan-fiction, spiritual, humour and teen fiction. It aims to create social communities around stories for both amateur and established writers.