Expense Manager- Best Android App for Managing Expenses

Expense Manager is an application categorized under finance in Google Play Store. This application is developed by Bishinews. The content of this application is rated as applicable for Individuals aged 3+. The compatibility of the application varies depending on the device in use. The application was last updated on 15 Nov 2022. The current version of the application varies with the device in use.

The application has more than 5,000,000 installs and more than 50,000 reviews. It also has a 4.3 rating in the Google play store.

In today’s world, everyone is bombarded with an array of bills and expenses ranging from water bills, electricity bills, internet bills, etc. The sheer number of bills can get messy and can hinder the billpayer from living a comfortable life. Since paying bills is an inevitable part of our existence we should make the process of organizing and paying more bearable and easy. This is where the expense manager comes into play. Expense Manager is the Best Android Expenses Managing App in Kerala.


An expense manager is an application that helps a person manage his expenditures, checkbooks, and budget. This application has a number of features that eases the process of managing expenses in an effective way. The main feature of an expense manager includes an expense tracker this feature allows the user to keep track of his/her expenses and income. Through tracking expenses, the individual can better manage his/her finances. The expense manager also has a budget and bill organizing feature that makes payment of bills much easier. All of the individual’s bills are summarized and presented in the application in a consolidated manner, this allows the individual to pay the bills on time without having to pay a late fee. Some additional features that the expense manager boasts are a currency converter, tip calculator, interest calculator, etc.

With such, a vast number of features expense management is a must-have for anyone who has to pay bills in his/her life. Why not make the whole process easy and fun? Also, the expense manager is completely free with no hidden costs.