Mint- Best Android App for Budgeting

Mint is an application categorized under finance in Google Play Store. This application is developed by Intuit Inc. The content of this application is rated as applicable for Individuals aged 3+.The application is compatible with smartphones with android version 4.0 and above. The application was last updated on 8th October 2018. The current version of the application varies with the device at use.The application has more than 5,000,000 installs and has more than 1,20,000  reviews. It also has a 4.3 rating in Google play store.

With the advent of technology everything is becoming digitized. Mint application captures this need in the financial front. Mint is an application that consolidates all of the user’s financial data into one place and allows the user to track and manage their finances. Handling finance has become one major part of everyone’s lives, this can cause a lot of time to be wasted in organizing and managing different earnings and costs. Now imagine you can do all that in one place, where all the data is stored in a systematic and organized way, where you don’t have to search 10 files to find one document.

Budgeting App

This is what the Mint application achieves, Mint allows its users to bring together bank accounts, Credit cards, investments and bills so that the user can understand where they stand financially. With mint the user can identify where money is being spent, where money is being earned and use this information to further better his/her financial position. Mint allows users to also keep in track of their credit scores to help users be smart about their finances.

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Mint allows users to see everything in one place, all of your cost and earnings are displayed in mint in an organized fashion. This in turn saves time and money, with a properly organized system in place users can now concentrate on saving money rather than organizing everything. The user can plan out a budget using this information and follow it to further cut down on costs. Users can keep track of bills ease and avoid late fees.Mint is one of the Best Android Finance App in Kerala.

With an array of features Mint is one of the best money managing apps in the market and it’s totally free.