Drivemode – Best App for Handsfree Messages and Calls for Driving

Drivemode app simplifies how people manage calls and messages while driving. With a streamlined interface to safely answer calls or send and hear messages, Drivemode’s voice-enabled commands and large button help users to focus on driving.

Drivemode app comes under the category of Auto & Vehicles in the Google play store. The app requires an android device of 5.0 and up. Drivemode Inc develops the app. It is last updated on Sep 14, 2020. The current version of the app is 7.5.23 and it has got 1,000,000+ installs in the play store. The size of the app is 23M. The app can be used by individuals aged 3 and above. The app has been reviewed by 30,464 users and has a 4.4 rating in the Google play store.

The app has enabled in-app purchases. The in-app products can be purchased at a price ranging from 190 rupees to 260 rupees per item.

Key features of the app

  • The gives a reply to a message or text using voice commands.
  • It can overlay a favourite music player on top of a navigation app.
  • The app helps to ignore calls or messages in ‘do not disturb mode’.
  • Users can set up text message auto-replies.
  • The app is enabled to automatically launch and close with Bluetooth pairing.
  • It is configured to automatically launch when the users start driving.
  • It helps to view the driving history as well.
  • Users can get personalised recommendations over time based on their activities, calendar and favourite places.

The simple interface of the Drivemode app can integrate many of the favourite apps of the users such as navigation apps, music apps, messaging apps, voice assistant apps, etc.

To use the app users can simply use voice control, a broad swipe or a single tap and move seamlessly between applications.

Drivemode app is an easy way to upgrade the present car into a smart car, for rental or loaner cars, and keep the preferences consistent from vehicle to vehicle. Commuters, professional or part-time drivers, car sharers and road trippers can all make Drivemode a part of their better and safer driving experience.

Download the App from here

Important note regarding the app

Drivemode is an automotive-grade interface designed and developed to adhere to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety guidelines for driving apps. Drivemode requires comprehensive permission to access apps and integrate them into a single interface. The app may store information about the installed apps to provide recommendations and save settings between devices. The app contains ads.